For Sale - Opel Manta A series door seals

The demand for Classic Opel Spares is always completely at odds with their location and ease of access in my loft! Usually by the time I have recovered them and sorted out the good from the bad, nobody is interested any more.
That was definitely the case, with a huge pile of salvaged Opel Manta A series door seals sitting in an unruly mess. By the way, these are the trims than run from the A post round the door aperture, all the way to the rear side window and back to the B post. During Autumn 2011 I carefully went through them all, separated them into nearside and offside types and disposed of any that had broken up into small sections.

They are in reasonable condition, but not perfect. If you look carefully, you will probably find the odd bit of the original vehicles paint as evidence of less than meticulous masking techniques in the past. Furthermore they all seem to have the odd small nick where the leading edge of the door window glass rubs against them.Otherwise they are fine, still are supple and have not been affected by sun or the elements.

The price is £10 each, the best ones will go first.

Opel Manta A series door seals - the big sort out of 2011

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