I have had a back axle for an Opel Manta A series sitting in my back yard for quite a while. I was keeping it in reserve for a stillborn project and the time has come to move it on. Here is a quick run down:

The Good Bits:
It is from a Manta A series 1900 Automatic, this means it will have the longer 3.44 : 1 gear ratios.
The doner car had covered under 100,000 miles and the automatic transmission reduces the normal shock loading.
Unlike the more common Opel Manta B series, the Opel Manta A series has a narrower track. This makes it much better for converting Opel Kadett C series and Vauxhall Chevettes without having to install huge wheel arches.
I removed the half shafts and they have been stored in a dry room indoors.

The Bad Bits:
There is a lot of rust in the spring cups and they will need to be replaced.
The brake back plate is missing one one side, and there are no brake drums fitted.
The unit has stood outside for some years, so a good blasting and repaint is definately overdue.
You should probably replace as many bearings as possible before use.

It is a very large item to send by courier, so I would recommend collection from London. If it will fit in my car I can deliver it to you for the cost of fuel. Bear in mind though that this will be around 15 pence per mile. Anywhere around the North of England will be a 500 mile round trip.

Manta A rear axle - perfect for Kadett conversions

There has been quite a rush on Opel Manta A series indicator switches in recent weeks, I hope that its just coincidence and not something that's going around!

There are two types of indicator switch used on the Manta A, the early models from 1970-73 have just the indicators, headlamp flash and push wash/wipe functions; the later models had all the wiper controls on the arm too.

I had one on a steering column of the earlier type, which was good news for Jason from the Isle of Man because that's what he needed and had been messed around by someone who lied about being able to source one.

Replacing the switch isn't too difficult, but you have to be very gentle getting the steering wheel off, so as not to cause damage to the collapsible steering column. Ideally you would remove the whole steering column, but this would add a few more hours to the time the job takes and is very difficult on your own. The ignition switch housing can be a pain, as if it is original, it is secured with a tear off headed bolt which needs to be drilled and extracted with a stud extractor tool.

None off this is beyond diy mechanics level, just take your time and be methodical.

Manta A Indicator Switch - Removal can be a pain

01/03/2013 - All stock now sold

Around a year ago I listed a complete fuel injection set up salvaged from a late model Manta B series GT/E. There was no responce, so in the autumn I stripped off all the components and sent the aluminium off to the local scrap dealer.
Now it seems there is demand for these parts; at least they are now ready to post out in manageable chunks. There appears to be a relay in the box of bits, this could well be the fuel pump relay that people keep asking for, more to follow on this subject later.

Opel Manta B GT/E Fuel Injectors - Now in demand

I seem to have an overstock of used Opel Manta A series glove boxes. Without exception they are all finished in black vinyl and are to suit all versions of the Opel Manta A series.

There is a small difference between the early and later types; early cars have a chrome effect twist knob and later cars have a plain black vinyl pull catch.

They fit into the Manta dashboard with self tapping screws. These glove boxes are equipped with a vanity light which were fitted to all UK specification Opel Manta A series as standard, but were only fitted to the deluxe European versions.

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