Dropping into the Scrap Bin today is this Mountney aftermarket steering wheel off an old Opel Manta A series project of mine. Sadly whilst the car was stripped and awaiting a respray the local chavvers decided it needed further lightening and tried to remove this desirable accessory.
Being as they were intellectually challenged, rather than use a screwdriver they tried to yank it off. The attempted theft was unsuccessful but it left the mounting flange distorted and with some paint fractures.
Knowing how fussy some types can be on eBay these days, I consider it unsaleable, so it is en route to recycling heaven, unless you want to intervene of course.

Mountney wheel - a class item ruined by a bunch of neds

As with all other items in the Scrap Bin it is absolutely free if you collect, or pay just the cost of postage. The bin will need to be emptied by the end of September.


30/09/2011 - Now scrapped

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