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I have just spent a few hours restructuring the "labels" for this site, labels are a way of dividing up the blog into different categories. I have also added a widget at the top right hand corner of the page that lists these labels in order of popularity. If you click on a label; for example, Opel Manta A series, the blog will re-arrange itself to show all the posts on that subject in chronological order. Neat eh!
Hopefully this will make it much easier to find the articles of particular interest to you.

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On offer is an Autodata owners workshop manual for the Opel Manta A series. It is very similar in format to the more common Haynes manuals, I've never seen another one like this.
It covers the Manta and Ascona A series models with the 1.6 and 1.9 engines. It is not quite as comprehensive as the equivalent Haynes manual, but does still cover plenty of common tasks such as; rebuilding the engine and major mechanical components.
It is in fair condition, with some oily pages, perfect for the workshop. It can be sent to within the UK for, or overseas, just mail me for a quote.

Autodata Manual - just like the Haynes version

I have just dug out these 4 plastic sill trims. I think they might be Opel Rekord C series, possibly D series. They bear the following part numbers; 3468175 & 3467366.
They are by no means mint, but might replace a lost or broken one. They go in the scrap bin today and are up for grabs for free. The bin will be emptied at the end of August!

Unknown Sill Trim - Opel Rekord or Commodore?


01/09/2011 - Now scrapped

Andy R mailed me a couple of days ago looking for a steering rack for his Opel Manta A series. I assumed that he had a problem getting an MOT, as it turns out he has just bought a left hand drive Manta from Holland. He is now collecting parts for the conversion to right hand drive.
Luckily I had this spare in the loft, last one left.

Opel Manta A steering rack - Another handy find

John L dropped me a line, he needed to replace a duff rear brake cylinder on his Opel Manta A series.

I recommended changing both to ensure even braking and luckily still have a fair few of Bendix made items to clear. Bendix is not a common name among aftermarket parts suppliers, but I used them on one of my own cars about 8 years ago and they're holding up just fine.

I was able to package them up and out the same day, I then did a quick stock check and there are just enough to service five more cars.
The label on the box lists them as being suitable for the Ascona, Manta, Rekord and CD (the Bitter made coupe I assume).
Should you fancy a pair, they are £15 inc UK delivery.

Brake Cylinder - best replaced in pairs

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