This is a pair of salvaged Hella brand H1 Opel Manta A series inner (main beam) headlamps. I acquired these from the estate of a collector who replaced every possible part with new old stock items whenever possible on his cars.

For sale - Opel Manta A series headlamps - £25

These headlamps are serviceable, with good glass, but a small amount of corrosion around the rim of the reflector. There is plenty of "patina" on the metal mounting bezels and headlamp cups, the headlamp adjusters could do with a full strip down and clean up. The hard to find rubber anti humidity sealing boots and metal clips are included. Use them as they are for a daily driver, or strip for spares, the choice is yours.

For sale - bezels, adjusters, boots and clips - £25

Because these are the inner main beam driving lights they are equally suitable for left or right hand drive vehicles. They will accept the H1 halogen lamp with the small spade connection, as used on those models with H1 fittings, which in the UK will be the 1900 SR/Berlinetta and not the base model deluxe 1600 Manta. Changing over from one type to the other will require new connectors of the appropriate type, a 5 minute job with a crimp tool if you know your way around electrics.

They are priced at £25, the price includes delivery within the UK.  I can send to Europe or even Worldwide too, but please ask for a quote first as rates vary greatly between countries and are prone to rapid price fluctuations. Due to PayPal terms and conditions an item has to be sent by a tracked service to your registered PayPal address. 


20/11/20 - None so far
24/02/21 - Interest from overseas
25/02/21 - Now sold

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