I have used these on my Manta A and have to say that they performed very well. Bendix is not a name I associate with brake components but I think a lot of these parts all come from the same bin and just end up in different packaging.

A few to clear so now on eBay, stop me and buy one.

Opel Ascona, the saloon car that gave rise to the Manta Coupes and later outlived them in front wheel drive guise.

A used 1960s AA Grill Badge design to be mounted on the front grill with the screws provided.

The chrome is in good condition for its age and polishes up beautifully. Some very slight pitting is visible right up close, but no rust. The yellow part is stonechipped and could do with removing and repainting, a 30 minute job.
Screws and fixings present and working.

The serial number is 7B48512 which dates this as 1960-61 see http://www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/aa.htm

Also a 70's - 80's era badge; to me this badge is as much of the era as Raleigh Choppers  or Terry and June  and reminds me so much of  trips to the sea side during the long hot summer of 1976

Lucas 5712 Sealed Beam Headlamps, I came across these an eternity ago with the usual Opel spec Bosch and Hella items.
These were never OEM parts at Opel but found there way onto many British classic cars including the Vauxhall equivalents of the Opel range.
For example; Cresta PC Viscount 1965-72, Firenza 1971-75, Magnum 1973-76, Ventora FD 1967-72, Ventora FE 1972-76.

What are the advantages of sealed beam units?

Reflector Will Not Rust.... no more MOT failures due to low light output or poor beam spread.
Glass doesn't get dirty or mist up on the inside.... where you can't clean it.
Earth connection is on a spade connector.... doesn't depend on a lamp making good contact with the reflector body.
Rubber sealing boot not required.... no hidden gremlins with the electrical connections.

Having failed to find any takers in the Opel sphere, I put them on eBay.

They have been selling like hot cakes!

Like a bigger version of the Kadett B housing from a few months back. In good used condition it has been sanded down and sprayed in silk black every few years to keep it all presentable.

A new and unused Opel Chrome Hub Cap which I believe is for an Opel Rekord D series. It is much deeper than the type used on the Opel Manta A series of the same period.

It measures 24cm in diameter and the chrome plate is in mint condition. With a little effort it could even be turned into a fantastic retro wall clock. These are becoming hard to find items and once this is gone I won't have any more to offer.

A new and unused Opel Kadett C Front indicator kit, a genuine GM part by Hella. If I remember correctly this is for the earlier cars where the indicators are mounted below the front bumper.
The kit includes the backing plate, lens, sealing grommet and lamp. It is unboxed and in new condition but there is a small crack on the flange of the plastic lens. For this reason I will send an additional new, sealed and bagged lens with the kit.

These are becoming hard to find items and once this is gone I won't have any more to offer.
Now on ebay.co.uk item (#200504198246)

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