For Sale - Opel GT Reproduction Parts

I have just been looking at the latest newsletter from Opel GT Source, a long established company based in California, USA, who specialise in parts for the Opel GT, Opel Kadett B series and Opel Manta A series.
I was pleased to see that they are selling some very nice reproduction parts, such as the following:
  • Original “Early Style” Shifter Knobs for original 4-speed Opel shifters, & a 5-speed design is also available, these are priced at $25/each.
  • Opel GT Armrests offered in black as a reproduction item for original Opel GT interiors, these are priced at $50/each
  • Opel GT Poly Suspension Bushings in a black finish as a reproduction item for front control arms and rear trailing arms. These are priced very modestly at $35/front suspension set of 8 (order as #3026-B or #3027-B) and $75/rear suspension set (order as #3025-B).

Opel GT

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