For Sale - Opel Manta A series Jack

I think Daniel Lugg was one of the first people I knew with an Opel Manta A series Rallye, this was a very early version of the Opel Manta with pseudo sporting pretensions. With a 1.9 litre engine, low ratio differential, all black interior with sports gauges, it had all the essential early 70's sporty trimmings. It didn't keep quiet about this either, twin slash cut tail pipes, a silk black bonnet/scuttle/slam panel/wings tops paint job with matching "go faster" stripes, showed to the world this was no shopping car.

Many years have passed and it seems Daniel still likes go faster cars, although his new ride is a bit more subtle. From the outside it just looks like a very clean and original A series, but small details only apparent to those in the know, reveal a hidden secret. Discretely hidden under the metallic blue paintwork is a Rover V8 engine and Opel Commodore B series running gear, all painstakingly squeezed into the original shell.

One thing it would seem is missing, a wheel jack, which as it turns out is something I still have a few of.

For Sale - Opel Manta A series wheel jack

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