Following on from yesterday's posting about trim for the Opel Kadett B series Rallye model; this is a rather neat "Face Off" between the modern Opel Corsa and the Kadett classic.
Which one would you prefer?

As mentioned in my last post, I am sorting through Opel Kadett B series trim for Torbjørn from Finland. I have two items he is interested in for his early Kadett Rallye. Unfortunately I no longer have an Opel Parts Catalogue for the Opel Kadett B series, but I do have one for the Opel Olympia and Opel GT. I believe the Olympia was just the Kadett B with a fancy front grill and a bit of extra trim here and there to satisfy the American market (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

Opel Factory Parts Catalogue - Olympia and GT

Note that below, the model designation for the Opel Kadett B series coupe (or F for fastback) body is SZ.

Opel Factory Parts Catalogue - SZ = Coupe

Part number 1 72 867 is listed as "moulding, rear wheel opening right", if you follow the column to the top it corresponds with the SZ body. Hurrah we have trim to match the Opel Kadett B coupe variant.

Opel Factory Parts Catalogue - Olympia

Looking at the next image, part number 11 01 612 is listed as "moulding, front fender aperture - left", this appears to suit all body styles of Opel Kadett B series, whether coupe, 2 door, 4 door or estate, top result.

Opel Factory Parts Catalogue - Kadett B

Well the Olympics and Paralympics are long gone and in the mean time I have managed to squeeze a few more "proper jobs" in on the side to boot. Thankfully the forthcoming weeks look to be a little quieter and I will have the opportunity to do some long overdue catching up.
Many thanks to those who have had to wait for parts, your patience and perseverance, are much appreciated.
I've lots to get ready this week, such as; the piston set for the cam in engine for Pauli from Finland. I need to check whether the part numbers of wheel arch mouldings are correct for the Kadett B coupe for Torbjorn, also from Finland. Meanwhile Joe from the USA wants an Opel Manta A series interior mirror for his Opel GT and William here in the UK has left me a list of bits as long as my arm.
So no more messing about, time to get back to work!

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