Where are you based? - I am based in the South of London, England. The M25 is just over 10 minutes away by car and the centre of London only 40 minutes by train and Gatwick airport about 30 minutes by train too.

Where do you send to? - I can send to just about anywhere if you can afford the price. Most often parts have been sent to the UK, Portugal, Noway, Finland and the U.S.A. Occasionally parts get sent to more exotic locations such as, Singapore.

How quickly will I receive my parts? - If a courier can be arranged, within a few days; however do note that this isn't a giant warehouse with teams of people available, it is just me and this isn't even my "proper" job. My "real" work involves long, often irregular hours and trips away, but I try to keep one day a week free as a courier day.

How can I pay for an item? - I accept PayPal, UK buyers are welcome to pay in cash and collect, please give me some notice if this is your intention.

What about larger items, like windscreens? - The largest item I have sent was a complete engine, wrapped and palletised. However such items are not cheap to send within the UK, let alone further afield. As a rule, anything over 1 metre long or weighing more than 10 kg could be a problem.

Do you have an on-line shop? - If I had a constantly replenish-able inventory this would be worth my while to set up, however I don't. Consider what's available to be more of a rummage / boot sale.

How long have you been selling spares? - I needed parts to keep my car going over 25 years ago, but found them hard to source. I eventually bought bankrupt stock from garage clearance sales; there was more than enough for myself and I had the foresight and faith in the brand to put away plenty more for a rainy day.
I have been releasing stock ever since; the first sales lists were compiled on a manual typewriter, which were then transferred onto text files, later they were pasted into Excel spreadsheets and finally  converted into HTML web pages elements of which are now part of a Google Blogger powered XML/CSS based website.
The task of finding buyers is a lot easier now the Internet is ubiquitous.

When will there be fresh stock for sale? - I have no plans to replenish my stock, when the stores are emptied this blog will have served its purpose and I intend to move elsewhere. It is an often used cliche but... "When it's gone, it's gone".

What will you do then? - I have plans to sell up and radically downsize, I would like to relocate to continental Europe which in many ways has been my spiritual home for the last 25 years. You can get an idea of what I will be doing here

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