When you're putting together a special show car, there's nothing like having the original factory manual in the glove box along with all the other official bumph.

Here are exactly those items for the Vauxhall Astra Mk2 / Belmont range which our European cousins will recognise as the Opel Kadett E series.

Vauxhall Astra Mk 2 - Opel Kadett E series

This particular pack came from a Vauxhall Astra Mk2 Belmont LX Estate that I owned a few years back. It differed from the more common or garden Vauxhall Astras by the placement of the 1.8 litre engine and close ratio gearbox under the bonnet. It was the first vehicle I owned with fuel injection and I recall that it went rather well but sadly longevity wasn't in the DNA..anyway I digress.

This pack contains all the information used for the Vauxhall Astra Mk2, such as; specifications, tyre pressures, switch locations, etc. and is dated November 1989. There is also a separate audio manual for the radios which covers types; 272, 670 and 681 and a dedicated manual for the Philips DC 751/63/79. There is a vehicle security manual and a service location map for Vauxhall and Bedford dealerships. There is a wallet and pamphlet for optional RAC assistance and Vauxhall Sureguard mechanical and breakdown protection. Lastly there is a used Service History log book.

This treasure trove is packed in a jiffy bag ready to be sent out to you.

I have a stock of rocker cover gaskets for the cam in head engine. To the best of my knowledge this engine was first used in the Opel Rekord C series and continued to be used for the next thirty years finishing its life installed in some of the long wheel base 5 door version of the Vauxhall Frontera.

I have both the normal cork gasket with 2 mounting lugs and I also have the much rarer early version with 9 mounting lugs. I would imagine that these were fitted in the late 60s and early 70s and would be very difficult to source elsewhere. Drop me a line if you need one.

Late type rocker gasket

Early type rocker gasket


01/01/2020 - All late type gaskets sold out. Last remaining stocks of early type gaskets are available here

Just the one front overider for the Opel Manta A series, rare and precious!
This type of overider was only used on the earier versions of the Opel Manta A series from roughly 1970-72, typically on those cars with a 592***** chassis number.
There is no rubber insert supplied, this part will have to be transfered across from your old Opel Manta overrider.
I also have a complete used set of these overriders in poor condition, if you want to have some re-chromed.
Make me an offer.

Opel Manta A series Overrider - rare and precious

I have had a back axle for an Opel Manta A series sitting in my back yard for quite a while. I was keeping it in reserve for a stillborn project and the time has come to move it on. Here is a quick run down:

The Good Bits
It is from a Manta A series 1900 Automatic, this means it will have the longer 3.44 : 1 gear ratios.
The doner car had covered under 100,000 miles and the automatic transmission reduces the normal shock loading.
Unlike the more common Opel Manta B series, the Opel Manta A series has a narrower track. This makes it much better for converting Opel Kadett C series and Vauxhall Chevettes without having to install huge wheel arches.
I removed the half shafts and they have been stored in a dry room indoors.

The Bad Bits
There is a lot of rust in the spring cups and they will need to be replaced.
The brake back plate is missing one one side, and there are no brake drums fitted.
The unit has stood outside for some years, so a good blasting and repaint is definately overdue.
You should probably replace as many bearings as possible before use.

It is a very large item to send by courier, so I would recommend collection from London. If it will fit in my car I can deliver it to you for the cost of fuel. Bear in mind though that this will be around 15 pence per mile. Anywhere around the North of England will be a 500 mile round trip.

Daniel Christy from Malaysia, a regular correspondent, recently asked about fitting a tachometer to his Opel Manta A series.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is what the Official Opel Service Manual has to say.

Rob Day wrote to me recently, he was looking for the plastic shroud to go round the steering column on his Opel Manta A series. He was struggling to find the correct part because his Opel Manta A is of the later type. The key difference between the early and late model A series is the position of the wiper controls.
On the late models these are controlled from the indicator stalk by twisting it and the hazard light switch is mounted diametrically opposite the stalk at the 3 O'clock position.
On the early cars the hazard switch is located on top at the 12 O'clock position and there is a wiper switch on the dash.

I checked and found one of the late type shrouds with the hole for the hazard switch at the 3 O'clock position. It was clean and in good condition.

A swift £18 PayPal payment and Rob was sorted.

Manta A steering column problem - Sorted!

I seem to have an overstock of used Opel Manta A series centre consoles. Without exception they are all finished in black vinyl and are to suit the manual transmission version of the Opel Manta A series.

There is a fitment for a cigarette lighter or auxiliary power plug as they are called in these politically correct times. There is a cut out for an ashtray and there is a handy stowage bin next to the handbrake for your 8-track cassettes or mp3 player, iPhone, etc.

The unit is secured to the transmission tunnel by self tapping screws into plastic rawlplug type fittings. These were fitted to all UK specification Opel Manta A series as standard, but were only fitted to the deluxe European versions.

In the past I saw one that had been tastefully recovered in leather and very plush it looked too.

Being made of Opel's finest plastics they are virtually indestructible and will be one of the few surviving human artefacts to be recovered by highly evolved mechas in the year 4000.

In the mean time if you can find a use for one you know who to contact!

Opel Manta A series centre console - Indestructible


01/01/2014 - All stock sold out

I am adding a new "Scrapped" page, it will list those parts which are too tatty to sell but will be gladly donated to anyone that has the need for, or can find a use for them. These Opel spares have to go, I can no longer afford the space on the basis that they might come in handy one day. You can call to collect the parts or I can arrange a courier at cost.

The first items to go in the scrap bin are four standard 13" Opel Manta A series wheels of the sort that require hubcaps. They have quite a lot of surface rust, but if you look here you will see that even the tattiest wheels can be rejuvenated successfully.
Save these wheels before they become reincarnated as a Chinese domestic appliance.

Opel Manta A wheels for free!


01/05/2011 - Now scapped

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