Scrapped - Opel Manta A series Plain Wheels

I am adding a new "Scrapped" page, it will list those parts which are too tatty to sell but will be gladly donated to anyone that has the need for, or can find a use for them. These Opel spares have to go, I can no longer afford the space on the basis that they might come in handy one day. You can call to collect the parts or I can arrange a courier at cost.

The first items to go in the scrap bin are four standard 13" Opel Manta A series wheels of the sort that require hubcaps. They have quite a lot of surface rust, but if you look here you will see that even the tattiest wheels can be rejuvenated successfully.
Save these wheels before they become reincarnated as a Chinese domestic appliance.

Opel Manta A wheels for free!


01/05/2011 - Now scapped

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