Powder coating wheels

I recently had a set of wheels powder coated for my everyday car. In the past I have used companies as far afield as Birmingham for the service, but this time opted to pay a little more for local service and chose Willow Powder Coating in South London.
Their service was very good, they can blast and powder coat a wheel within a week and normal surface rust doesn't seem to be a problem. For my everyday car I chose Gloss Ford Diamond White for a rally look; but Silk finish silver, Silk/Matt black or many other colours shouldn't pose a problem.
Expect to pay around £50 per wheel and remember to deliver them stripped of tyres, balancing weights and valves, etc.

Powder coating - Before & After

If you want to do a classic Opel or Vauxhall Rostyle wheel, you may get best value by choosing a Matt Black finish and spraying the silver sections yourself. Powder coat takes paint well providing you lightly key the surface by sanding it with 600 or 1000 grade wet'n'dry sandpaper. If you don't have a paint factors nearby, you can buy wet'n'dry sandpaper at a reasonable price from Screwfix, they also stock production paper.

In the past I have used Hammerite Silver Smoothrite paint to excellent effect, I have also had good results from the range of industrial paints available by through CPC Farnell, such as their excellent "Steel Wheels" paint from CarPlan. The last set of Opel Rostyle wheels I had powder coated was around a decade ago, they still look good today and that is with storage outside in all elements.

If you want the best finish for your original Opel or Vauxhall wheels I cannot recommend the benefits of powder coating highly enough, which outshines and outlasts the original finish.


  1. Looking at the photo, I can easily tell that they are very good in doing powder coating. The corrosion on your old wheel was unbelievably bad, but they were still able to polish it up and make it look like new! And they did it with white too. Well, you seemed satisfied with their service, and that’s definitely proof of the quality of their work. Kudos to them!

    [Lonnie Summerall]

  2. A problem with restoring very corroded wheels is once you remove all the rust it can leave behind a highly pitted surface.
    Another benefit of powder coating is that the thickness of the finish hides a lot of minor blemishes.


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