Sold - Opel Manta A series center console - £20

I seem to have an overstock of used Opel Manta A series centre consoles. Without exception they are all finished in black vinyl and are to suit the manual transmission version of the Opel Manta A series.

There is a fitment for a cigarette lighter or auxiliary power plug as they are called in these politically correct times. There is a cut out for an ashtray and there is a handy stowage bin next to the handbrake for your 8-track cassettes or mp3 player, iPhone, etc.

The unit is secured to the transmission tunnel by self tapping screws into plastic rawlplug type fittings. These were fitted to all UK specification Opel Manta A series as standard, but were only fitted to the deluxe European versions.

In the past I saw one that had been tastefully recovered in leather and very plush it looked too.

Being made of Opel's finest plastics they are virtually indestructible and will be one of the few surviving human artefacts to be recovered by highly evolved mechas in the year 4000.

In the mean time if you can find a use for one you know who to contact!

Opel Manta A series centre console - Indestructible


01/01/2014 - All stock sold out


  1. quanto custa ???€€€€€€€€€€€

  2. Sergio, I've updated the information on the post, they went for £20 a piece, all stock has now sold out unfortunately. But keep an eagle eye on the front page of this website, if any others turn up for sale, that's where they'll be listed.


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