Opel Manta A series - the kids think its ‘Epic’

John Lomas has owned this lovely Opel Manta A series for the last 15 years, back then he didn't feel it was viable to spend good money on it. Recently with these cars becoming increasingly rare, he felt it was worth the effort and splashed out on a "Top job" re-spray, adding a Broadspeed Turbo front spoiler and Opel Manta B series 13" alloys wheels.

The rest of car is standard Opel Manta A series – and the kids think its ‘Epic’?


  1. Certainly very nice. I'd love one but getting out of my reach. have to stick with my restoration of a Kadett Coupe.

  2. The Broadspeed model was always a champagne car, much like the TE2800, not for those on a beer budget.


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