Sold - Opel Manta A series Rear Overiders

I had a mail from Robin, he was looking for a set of rear overriders for his Opel Manta A series. As he pointed out, he wanted the rubber type and not the chrome versions. To the best of my knowledge overriders were a standard fitment on the UK market Opel Manta, along with a few other "DeLuxe" specifications, unlike in Europe where some very plain versions of the car were sold.

Opel Manta A series rubber overrider - chunky
In case you don't already know, the earliest versions of the Opel Manta A series could be equipped with optional solid metal chrome plated overiders with a thin rubber strip on the leading edge. If your vehicle was built from 1970-72 and has a chassis number beginning with 592x this would have been the type of overrider fitted. There will be more to follow about this type of overrider later in the blog (watch this space).
Around the start of 1973 the overrider design changed to a solid block of rubber, the reason for the change of materials is a moot point. Perhaps it was to save money, suit changing fashions or perhaps provide better cushioning for low speed impacts. If your vehicle was built from 1973 onwards and has chassis numbers beginning with 595x, 598x or 599x this will be the original style of overrider for your car.

Opel Manta A series rubber overrider - part no. 3459475

Because of their use and location, overriders tend to suffer from rapid deterioration. The metal design rusts out and the rubber design becomes perished from the action of the sun and the steel  mounts corrode. The problem is usually worst for the rear overiders where they are subject to a lot of road spray and condensation from the exhaust. Needless to say, careless parking, whether you own or other road users aggravates this process of deterioration.

I have managed to find Robin one new old stock rubber overrider and another reasonable salvaged example, I wish I had a warehouse full!

Opel Manta A series rubber overrider - prone to degredation

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