For Sale - Opel Manta A series Throttle Pedal

Much to my shame I have to confess that I haven't been near the Opel Manta Owners Club forum in months, I was the original Administrator from 2001-2008 so in a quiet moment decided to what has been going on.
I spotted that Robert was in dire need of a good accelerator pedal for his Opel Manta A series, when his old one split, he removed it, but was now becoming tired of prematurely wearing out his trainers.

In case you don't know, the Opel Manta A series has a plastic hinged accelerator "gas" pedal which is screwed into a plastic block on the floor panel and the metal rod that draws on the accelerator cable descends from the bulkhead to meet it. This design is not only used on other classic Opels such as, the Commodore, but I was surprised to discover that both the Porsche 911 and the BMW 2002 from the same period used a similar principle. I can only conclude that it was a Teutonic design thing.
This floor mounted "organ pedal" design does seem to be prone to splitting in half, I wouldn't have thought that the return spring would be strong enough to do that sort of damage, but it happens a lot.

Accelerator or gas pedals are exactly the sort of sundry parts I have in profusion floating around in a selection of cardboard boxes. So I contacted Robert, struck a deal and got it in the post to him as soon as possible.
I hope it will prove to be better value than replacing your trainers every couple of months.

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