Sold - Lucas 5712 Sealed Beam Headlamps - £10

Lucas 5712 Sealed Beam Headlamps, I came across these an eternity ago with the usual Opel spec Bosch and Hella items.
These were never OEM parts at Opel but found there way onto many British classic cars including the Vauxhall equivalents of the Opel range.
For example; Cresta PC Viscount 1965-72, Firenza 1971-75, Magnum 1973-76, Ventora FD 1967-72, Ventora FE 1972-76.

What are the advantages of sealed beam units?

Reflector Will Not Rust.... no more MOT failures due to low light output or poor beam spread.
Glass doesn't get dirty or mist up on the inside.... where you can't clean it.
Earth connection is on a spade connector.... doesn't depend on a lamp making good contact with the reflector body.
Rubber sealing boot not required.... no hidden gremlins with the electrical connections.

Having failed to find any takers in the Opel sphere, I put them on eBay.

They have been selling like hot cakes!

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