This is a cylinder head for the Cam in Head (C.I.H.) engine. It is a used salvaged part made by GM for Opel/Vauxhall. It is just the bare head without camshaft, cover plates, rocker cover, etc. Valves are still fitted, but the valve springs have been removed. It is in fair condition, but has been stored a long time, there is some corrosion, plus the usual carbon and crud build up.

For sale - Vauxhall Opel C.I.H. cylinder head - £75

It has a single fin on the front face, which according to this guide would make it from the 2.0 litre version, however it is also marked S19, so it might be for the 1.9S variant. Check the attached images as what you see is what you will receive.

For sale - Opel & Vauxhall C.I.H. cylinder head - £75

It would be suitable for the following applications:
  • Opel Kadett B series (1.9)
  • Opel Olympia (1.9)
  • Opel GT (1.9)
  • Opel Ascona A series
  • Opel Manta A series
  • Opel Ascona B series
  • Opel Manta B series
  • Opel Rekord C series
  • Opel Rekord D series
  • Vauxhall Cavalier Mk1
This could be a useful part for someone rebuilding a C.I.H. engine from scratch, or wanting to convert an early engine to be compatible with unleaded fuel by fitting hardened inserts. Given the widespread use of C.I.H. engines in so many Vauxhall and Opel models it should be suitable for a wide variety of models and conversions; such as the ever popular C.I.H. engine into Kadett and Chevette models.

It is priced at £75, the price includes delivery within the UK. I can send to some European locations too, but please ask for a quote first as this could be a very high sum due to weight.

For sale - C.I.H. cylinder head for Manta, Ascona, Kadett, etc.

Obsolete GM spares are not exactly plentiful in the UK, this is the very last of my stock and I will not be replacing them, so don't hang about if this is what you need for your classic Opel.

Send a message or leave a comment if you have any enquiries.


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