Sold - Opel Rekord D and Commodore B Factory Parts Book

I have received a message from Matija, who hails from Slovenia who is the owner of an Opel Rekord 2100d, he was looking for a parts catalogue or any service literature for this particular model.

Service literature I don't have, but I do have the Factory Parts Book for this model, the exploded diagrams are a work of art and can help with re-assembly, especially when it comes to all the fiddly chrome trim that Opel embellished the bodywork with. The illustrations also refer to the part number tabulations, so with patience you can find exactly the right part number, this can make identifying objects found at the back of the shed or at the autojumble a much easier experience.

All of this usefulness will cost just £25 plus postage.

Opel Rekord D and Commodore B Factory Parts Book

Parts Book Introduction

Model Identification

Exploded Diagrams - so useful

UPDATE 18/04/2012

Matija needed a few points clarified about this book.

This is the real deal, not a photocopy and you get what you pay for.

The pages aren't numbered in total, but each section is numbered, there are 23 sections, the thinner sections have 4-10 pages, the thicker sections up to 40 pages.

Here is a list:

1 Body
2 Frame
3 Front Wheel Suspension
4 Rear Wheel Suspension
5 Brakes
6 Engine and Clutch
7 Transmission
8 Fuel and Exhaust System
9 Steering
10 Wheels
11 Sheet Metal Parts
12 Electrical Equipment
13 Cooling
14 Equipment
15 Paints and Sealing Compound Material
16 Repair Kits
17 Accessories
18 Airflow Heater
19 Oils and Greases
20 Blank
21 Upholstery Material
22/23 Interior Trim

The weight is 3kg.

Opel Rekord D - nothing a lick of paint won't fix!


  1. Hi there!

    Do you still have the book? I'm really interested.

  2. Chris, sorry, if I remember correctly it found a new home in Turkey last year.

  3. Damn :'(

    And at least a copy of it? Do you have the contact yet?


  4. Hello, i bougth that book for my project, if you want i can make you a copy for 20 euro + shipment?

  5. Or i can send you as pdf :) 20 euro + no shipment :)

    1. i also need this book.
      i am ready to pay for it.
      please contanct me

  6. Hi,

    is the yellow scrap metal car yours? If so, I could use the hubcaps and wheel rings.

    Greetings from Germany

    1. The yellow car was one of several old Opels parked in a scrap yard in the Irish Republic a few years back.


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