For Sale - Fuel Tank Strap for Opel Manta A series

Making its debut on the Classic Opel Spares Blog is this humble fuel tank strap, probably one of the least "sexy" items you might need, but essential if yours has fallen prey to rust.
The position of the fuel tank on the Opel Manta A series might help with the centre of gravity and certainly gives the car a lot more boot space than the later Opel Manta B series, but you couldn't invent a better rust trap. Any muddy road spray from the rear wheels has a myriad of nooks and crannies to settle and get the corrosion process under way.

Fuel Tank Strap - Opel Manta A series

This particular tank strap had its fair share of rust, about an hours work with a wire brush on an angle grinder had it clean and shiny. It then received a coat of red oxide primer, followed by two coats of hard wearing silk finish black enamel paint. That was at least 10 years ago, so it has had plenty of time to cure!
There is some pitting visible under the paint, if you are that fussy about detailing, find a better example somewhere else. This one is ready for service and available for just £15, but postage outside of the UK is likely to be expensive due to size.

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