For Sale - Vauxhall Carlton Mk1 Haynes Manual - £15

So this is the Haynes Manual for the Vauxhall Carlton Mk1 (pre-facelift) and I would assume the Opel Rekord E series too. It has a few oily fingerprints but otherwise is in great condition and contains a wealth of information regarding servicing and maintaining the car.

I picked this up many years ago as the supplement section has information about the penultimate 2.2 litre capacity version of the cam-in-head (C.I.H.) engine. A unit that was a popular upgrade for Opel Mantas and Asconas in the 90s, as it is virtually a direct swap with the smaller capacity C.I.H. engines used on so many Vauxhalls and Opels from the late 1960s onwards.

For Sale - Vauxhall Carlton Mk1 Haynes Manual - £15

Although only slightly more powerful than the 2.0 litre version, the 2.2 litre C.I.H. engine has a much greater torque output, even in standard guise. It was also a good engine for tuning and with some head work and the right carburation could generate around 200 bhp, not bad for the period.

Today there are no doubt engines of much smaller capacity that can generate these sorts of power levels, but I'll wager they don't have the instant response or low down grunt of the 2.2 litre C.I.H. engine fitted to the top end versions of the Vauxhall Carlton Mk1 which was a re badged version of the Opel Rekord E series.

It is priced at £15, which includes delivery to a UK address. I can send to some European locations too, but please ask for a quote first as this could be quite a high sum.

Original service manuals for classic GM vehicles are not exactly plentiful in the UK, stocks are very limited and I will not be replacing them, so don't hang about if this is what you need for your project.


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