Sold - Opel Manta GT/e painted manifold

Paul Evans mailed me via my website and was curious to find out more about the "painted manifold" listed for the Opel Manta GT/e. I think he might have been expecting some fancy 4 branch manifold rather than the stock GT/e item.
It has been brush painted in matt grey finish and there are specks of white on the surface, which I think are rubbing compound, they started to come off with a sponge, but the pitted nature of the cast iron finish makes it difficult to get out completely..

On the plus side, although these cast manifolds aren't pretty, the design, apparently, is highly efficient and adding fancy tubular manifolds does little to boost the performance of the Manta GT/e engine, even for tuned or large capacity examples.

Should this take your fancy, it is available for £15 plus delivery, which should be £10 within mainland UK.

Opel Manta GT/e manifold - grey painted finish

Opel Manta GT/e manifold - not pretty, but surprisingly efficient

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