Sold - Opel Manta A series drivers side door mirror

Poor Ray has been asking me about chrome door mirrors for an eternity, at last I have found one for him. Sadly it is salvaged and not new, but it is still the most presentable I've seen in a long while, in fact it makes the ones on my car look a bit shabby by comparison.
The round section is very shiny, the stem has got some pitting, for the most part it is tiny starfish shaped patterns in the chrome. The glass is excellent but does have a couple of very small chips on the circumference, the rubber sealant is missing in a few spots.

Manta A series round door mirror - 60s style

Nice glass on this mirror, you can see forever!

As far as I know this style of mirror was fitted to the Opel Rekord C series, Opel Commodore A series, Opel GT, Opel Manta A series and Opel Ascona A series.
I think that around the middle of 1973 this style was replaced by oblong mirrors on most models, no doubt the curvaceous style was too dated in the era when everything turned angular and edges had to be ruler straight.

Update - I was more than surprised to hear that Ray had to bite the bullet and recently paid "over £100" for a pair from Germany, so this one is on offer for a measly £20 plus p&p.

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