On offer is a single headlamp, suitable as replacement for the inner (main beam) unit on the Opel Manta A series. Manufactured by Hella, it has the following part number on the glass - 14464 R8 and both the box and the unit are labelled as - 1F3 002 425-011.

It is designed to accommodate the H1 lamp unit with the single small spade connector and a similar connector for earthing. For UK Manta owners that will correspond to the SR/Berlinetta models and not the base model Deluxe normally fitted with the 1600cc engine.

For Sale - Main Beam Inner Headlamp Opel Manta A Series

I appreciate it can be quite confusing with all the different model options on the Opel Manta, especially as many cars will have been modified from their original specification over the years. To clarify matters I have prepared an article, which can be found here
Changing over to the H1 from the H4 type will require new connectors of the appropriate type; a 5 minute job with a crimp tool if you know your way around electrics.

For Sale - Hella Headlamp 14464R8

So what are the advantages of H1 Halogen units?

Easily upgraded.... the H1 lamp is not only available in the standard 55 Watt output but also uprated 75 watt and 100 watt versions. It is the correct original styled replacement part... so good for Concours competition purists.

For Sale - Hella Headlamp1F3 002 425-01

This part is available for £35.00 which includes delivery costs. I will include a very clean salvaged rubber moisture protector boot and it will be substantially packed for safe arrival.
Do ask if you are interested in stainless steel M4 retaining screws to replace the awful mild steel original parts; or backing plates, trim rings, beam adjusters or many other similar items I have in stock.

On offer is a Weber DGV Carburettor, a type fitted as original equipment to many of the Ford cars of the 1970s. They also make ideal replacements for the temperamental Solex DIDTA carburettor fitted to Opels of the same era.

Weber DGV carburettor for sale - ideal replacement for a Solex DIDTA

Unlike the original Solex carburettor, with the Weber DGV model you have full control over the choke for easier cold starting and improved fuel consumption. It is a compound carburettor with a small bore section for economical running and a larger bore which opens progressively for full power when you need it. This combination means that you get the best of both worlds; a boost in both performance and economy too.
Most importantly spares are relatively cheap and plentiful, making a cinch of servicing and modification. You can even install the Weber DGV carburettors with the original equipment air cleaner, assuming you can source the correct oval adapter plate, which is not included in this sale.

Weber DGV carburettor for sale - boost both performance and economy too

I don't know much about the history or parentage of this particular carburettor, it was bought off eBay a while back to keep on the shelf as a spare. It looks like it has had the main gasket and accelerator pump gaskets changed at some point. The body and chokes are clean and grime free.

I have run a couple of cars with salvaged Weber carburettors in the past and have never had any problems with them. Like the Fords they were originally fitted to, they are; simple, robust and reliable technology and can be re-jetted to suit different engine sizes. I would always recommend getting these units stripped, cleaned and rebuilt before use, but it's your choice.

Weber DGV carburettor for sale - simple, robust and reliable technolog

Only the one item is available, it is in fair to good physical condition, all the linkages are present.

You can still buy this sort of item new for around £200, so I have priced it to sell at £49 delivered to a UK address with easy payment by PayPal. I am located in South London should you wish to inspect and collect it. Obsolete GM spares are not exactly plentiful in the UK, stocks are limited and I will not be replacing them, so don't hang about if this is what you need.

Send a message or leave a comment if you have any enquiries.


25/08/14 - Under offer
27/08/14 - Now Sold

This style of solid metal chrome plated overrider with thin rubber inserts was fitted to the earliest variants of the Opel Manta A series, approximately covering a period running from 1970 through to 1973. The front ones are, to the best of my knowledge, unique to the Opel Manta A series, the rear are shared between the Manta and Ascona A series models. They were fitted to all the UK variants whether they were; Deluxe, Rallye or Berlinetta specification, oddly in Europe they were only fitted to the more upmarket variants.

On offer is a full batch of salvaged overriders, plus amongst this batch, is one brand new old stock front overrider, read on to find out more about this item. This could be a handy stash, with some items you can use now and other bits to strip for parts and keep or sell on to recoup costs.

For sale - a full batch of salvaged Opel Manta overriders

There are no fewer than four used front overriders and three used rear overriders; you can use these to salvage their rubber inserts, which are not included with the new part. Of course there is nothing to stop you getting these parts blasted and re-chromed, which given the scarcity of these items may be a life saver for someone's project.

The part that everyone will want, is a single completely brand new old stock front overrider, as you would expect, the chrome looks exactly as it did the day it left the factory four decades ago.

For sale - new old stock Manta chrome overrider, absolutely mint

They are priced at £35 for the set with easy payment by PayPal, cash on collection will be fine too, the price includes delivery to the UK, other areas subject to an increased charge. I am located in South London should you want to inspect before collection.

Obsolete GM spares are not exactly plentiful in the UK, stocks are limited and I will not be replacing them, so don't hang about if this is what you need.

Send a message or leave a comment if you have any enquiries.


25/07/14 - Parts now reserved pending payment
19/08/14 - No sign of payment yet, so I have added a PayPal button, the first to click wins
20/08/14 - NOW SOLD

On offer is a set of the centre caps fitted to Rostyle wheels, to the best of my knowledge this style was used on some Opel Manta B and Opel Kadett C models, I have also used them on the Opel Manta A 4 slot style Rostyle too.
They are in good condition, maybe not concours though, as they have acquired a few dings along the way; but being made of stainless means that rust isn't a problem and they should remain shiny for a long, long time to come.

They are priced at £20 for the set with easy payment by PayPal, cash on collection will be fine too.
I am located in South London should you want to inspect before collection, or they can be posted to the UK for an additional £5.

Obsolete GM spares are not exactly plentiful in the UK, stocks are limited and I will not be replacing them, so don't hang about if this is what you need.

Send a message or leave a comment if you have any enquiries.

For sale - stainless centre caps, as fitted to Rostyle wheels


04/07/2014 - Offer made, awaiting exchange of details for PayPal payment.
08/07/2014 - Payment made. NOW SOLD.

After over a quarter of a century of ownership I have decided now is the time to bid farewell to my Opel Manta A series. I would like to have made this "a car for life", but times change and I can't face the pain of restoring it all over again, it is better that it finds a new home with an enthusiast who can cherish it for the rare example that it is. For the right person, this could be a nice, easy little summer project to fix up and sell on for profit, or collect some prizes at next year's shows.

Opel Manta for sale - a nice, easy little summer project

The Good Bits:

First of all let's consider the good bits, this highly original looking car has only 63,000 miles on the clock, that's the equivalent to an average of just 1500 miles per year. I am only the 3rd owner of the vehicle, the 2nd had the car for around 18 months and the original owner for over 10 years. It has always been kept in South London, the original owner was from Dulwich and the next from Beckenham. It has always been somewhat of a "garage queen" used only for high days, holidays and summer events for the majority of my period of ownership. Even at 40 years old it's still a head turning car, the bodywork would still rate as 6.5/10, with virtually no significant welding from new. I am regularly asked by passers by if it is for sale.

Opel Manta for sale - even at 40 years old it's still a head turning car

It had a bare metal respray in late 90s by former OMOC member John Sneddon, at the time proprietor of Brook Road Coachworks. In my opinion his workmanship was at a peak and it is a real credit to his care and attention to detail than nearly 15 years later the paint is still good. The only points of failure are where rust has crept through from underneath. Shortly afterwards he closed his bodyshop and went on to work on the Mercedes Benz McLaren SLK production line which gives you an idea of his standards.

As part of the respray new genuine GM wings were fitted and very tidy they are too. A pair like this would cost a small fortune (£500) at current prices.

The original Solex carb was rebuilt a couple of times but after repeatedly letting me down, I eventually replaced it with a rebuilt Weber carb and K & N Filter, a much more reliable and economic combination. I ran a Mini choke cable through to a little bracket I fabricated and fixed to the underside of the dash. Although clearly not a concours item, it is a very simple and effective solution to a thorny problem. I also installed a cheap disposable plastic fuel filter to keep and eye on the feed from the tank and to stop rust particles getting drawn into the carburettor. At the same time the fuel pump was replaced with an after market item, although there was nothing wrong with the original.

Weber carb and K & N Filter, a reliable combination

I also installed an original Opel GT alloy rocker cover, which stops the oil leaks that the original covers all suffer from. It can be polished up if you want a more custom look, I actually prefered it to look a little duller and more patinated, but hey, each to their own.

I had the original Rostyle wheels blasted and powder coated at Redditch Shot Blasting. They too did themselves proud and in spite of many years exposure to the elements they are in remarkably good condition. The correct original wheel centres and chrome nuts are fitted.

Being the SR model there is the long lived and low maintenance all black interior fitted, even the headlining is black on these models. The front seats have the extremely rare and desirable factory headrest option, which almost looks like the Porsche 911 seats of the same period. The original black carpets are fitted, the back being in better condition than the front, yes there is wear around the driver's foot well.

Opel Manta for sale - low maintenance all black interior fitted

There is a period radio in the dash, but it is not plumbed in, post respray I never wanted to ruin the bodywork with an aerial knowing what a rust trap it can create.

All the original fiddly chrome trim is present which can be so time consuming and expensive to replace. The correct badges are all in place and in quite good condition. The front grill is looking weathered, but I know a little work with T-cut can easily restore the gloss. The doors close with a solid clunk exactly as they should thanks to new door pins fitted. The locks can be a bit stiff, the single key is a copy and needs jiggling a little to work sometimes. There is a spare key that works better, but its soft plastic fob is cracking up.

I know of no issues with the mechanics, the engine still feels tight, it never used oil, it doesn't smoke, nor should it at this mileage. In use there was plenty enough poke to keep up with modern traffic, whilst returning around 33 mpg on an extra urban run. The clutch is positive and the gearbox tight with no sloppiness in the lever, the back axle was always quiet on this car.
The largest stock radiator has been fitted, as found on the later 2 litre cars, the extra water capacity stopped the car from overheating when I got stuck in motorway traffic jams. Last summer I replaced one of the heater hoses, which had developed a split. All the other hoses are serviceable and the majority of the clips are stainless steel, I have spare hoses available should you find any issues.

Various parts of the exhaust have been replaced over the years, the front pipe being the oldest and rustiest element of the system. The purchaser can have first refusal on a full stainless steel free-flow exhaust system, complete with original style SR twin tailpipe back box, for an additional amount.
The front brake callipers were professionally rebuilt some years back and refinished in cad plating, I also replaced some of the brake lines at the same time with copper.
The brakes all have plenty of meat on them and work well, disks and drums only have light wear.

The lights are all still in good condition with plenty of silvering and little or no rusting. The headlamp backing plates are very good, one or two were replaced a few years back.

SR model auxiliary gauges fitted above the transmission tunnel

Being the SR model there are auxiliary gauges fitted above the transmission tunnel. The Ammeter and Oil Pressure gauges are very accurate, the clock has never worked. I can offer the new buyer a similar looking round clock with a quartz movement that could be fitted in place of the original.

And now the Not So Good Bits:

OK, so it's not perfect, but what will you find fault with? Bodywork is probably the item that most people will be concerned about so I will deal with that first.

The bonnet was quite presentable a year ago, but recently it has rust blistered through where the bracing underneath must have been trapping moisture. Given the thin gauge of steel used in my opinion it is beyond repair, but luckily, I have a spare sitting in the garage. The spare isn't brilliant, but it would fill a gap till something better came along.

Other typical Manta weak spots are rusting, there are some small holes on the sills midway below the B post that need patching up.

The door bottoms need re-skinning on the leading edge where it meets the front wing, this has been done once, the rest of the door bottoms are still looking presentable though.

Both lower rear quarter panels will need attention, either a patch or one of the replacement sections.

Behind front bumper, where the headlamp panel meets the lower front valence and the two sheets of metal overlap, water has got into the seam and caused some rusting. I would imagine that only a patch is required, the valence itself is still presentable.

I found a split in the battery tray, to keep the rain out a made an alloy patch and stuck it in place with sealant. It worked well and can be easily unpicked for a full repair in due course.

There were a few other small blisters hear and there, bear in mind that this is a 40 year old car, if you attack it with a screwdriver, no doubt you'll find some more areas of corrosion. But also remember that most of this cars peers have been recycled into fridges and washing machines at least once over during the same period. Waxoyl was sprayed into the sills, chassis rails, back valence  and  wheel arches many years ago. It is testament to how effective it was by the way you can now see which areas got missed first time round.

Very original style 185/70 x 13 tyres are currently fitted, the tread is still acceptable but there is a lot of sun cracking. I will include 3 x 165 section tyres and 1 x 185 section tyre in good condition to get you going and use as you see fit.

The passenger seat has a small mark on the squab which looks like a cigarette burn, the driver's seat has a split on the squab where the foam has sagged. The foam on both front seat is oxidising, I have seen it happen on lots of Opel Manta A series. The rear seat is in good condition, there is a tiny split appearing where sunlight through the back window has cooked the plastic.

The horizontal bright trim on the door panels and rear panels has lost its shine. The bright trim on the windscreen seals has gone dull and milky in appearance, but I can supply a replacement strip that should do one screen at least.

The front dash has a split through the plastic and some of the metal around the bottom is corroding.

Inspection, payment, collection or delivery:

There is no MOT or tax on the car, but it does start and drive around reliably, this is not some immobile hulk.

It was manufactured in March 1973, so under the old regime it wasn't eligible for historic vehicle status and therefore free road tax, apparently this is changing next year and vehicles of this age will become eligible.

You are welcome to call to inspect the car, I suggest you arrange to do this as soon as possible, I already have a pre-arranged list of buyers and will be contacting them to let them know the car is ready for inspection.

I am located in London, a few miles from the M25 Junction 6, from there you can go almost anywhere in the country quickly outside of the rush hour.

I can also offer low loader delivery to any part of the country South of the Pennines as a "loss leader" for £149. Alternatively bring your own trailer to collect, I can help with loading, you will be able to drive it on a trailer anyway.

Unless I know you personally, you will need to settle payment in full prior to collection, or bring cash on the day and we'll deposit it at the bank together. Obviously I will provide a receipt for your purchase, please bring the appropriate ID. The vehicle will be described as "Sold as seen".

Sorry, no test drives unless you have trade plates and leave a cash deposit for the full purchase price.

Sorry, I will not be accepting offers from deposed Nigerian Presidents or Ministers, nor will I be shipping out of the UK, so don't waste time asking.

I am not a grouch though, if I have missed information you need, please contact me.


I have attempted to describe this car as honestly as possible, I was an OMOC committee member for many years and still have a good reputation within the enthusiast network and would like to keep it. I would prefer this car to go to a club member or other enthusiast, it has survived through some tough times when so many others went to the scrap yard, but I do need to move it on now, please don't be a time waster or tyre kicker. If a suitable buyer doesn't come forward then I will advertise it through eBay, where, given the scarcity of spares it might even be broken for parts. Remember, it is a complete car and you won't have to spend the next 10 years searching for bits and pieces.

The Opel Manta A has always been a rare car to buy, people generally hold on to them for years. For this level of originality and mileage you will be waiting a long time before the next one comes along.
I heard that a recent "Barn find" Opel Manta A series sold on eBay for £2400, a totally unknown item, that didn't even run. If you think you can find a better car than this for less money, BUY IT!


04/06/2014 - Offer accepted, deposit taken and sale agreed pending funds.
15/06/2014 - Payment complete, car collected and NOW SOLD.

Still plugging away with the theme of old sales brochures, here's one for the Berlinetta version of the Opel Manta A series. The Berlinetta model was designed to be the most luxurious variant of the Opel Manta A series with subtle metallic paint colours, matching trim and vinyl roof, even velour seats. These days the combination may seem dated and sadly the velour seats often disintegrated prematurely, as a result finding a Manta A series with the original interior is highly unlikely.
But if you want to have an idea how they looked, back in the day, this brochure will show you.

Opel Manta A series Berlinetta Sales Brochure Page 1
Sales Brochure - Opel Manta A series Berlinetta

Opel Manta A series Berlinetta Sales Brochure Page 2
Sales Brochure - Opel Manta A series Berlinetta

Opel Manta A series Berlinetta Sales Brochure Page 3
Sales Brochure - Opel Manta A series Berlinetta

Opel Manta A series Berlinetta Sales Brochure Page 4
Sales Brochure - Opel Manta A series Berlinetta

Priced at £15, which includes delivery to a UK address, with easy payment by PayPal.
Original sales brochures for classic GM vehicles are not exactly plentiful in the UK, stocks are very limited and I will not be replacing them, so don't hang about if this is what you need.

I have received a new parts list from Opel Parts Greece, it's quite a mixed bag of bits and pieces with a distinct bias towards the Opel Ascona A series. This early version of the Ascona is rare in the UK, due to the economic situation in the early 1970s they were much too expensive for their market segment and sold poorly.
This was not the situation in Europe, where they sold well and enjoyed success in rally motorsport too.

Anyhow, "without further ado" here is the Opel Parts Greece list:



1223383 3437916 LENS REAR LAMP RIGHT (397810)(REPL1223325-1223329-1223381-1223153) ASCONA/A 2




1612259 0 LAMP ASSY.REAR RIGHT 300636/SWF (REPL 1612323) ASCONA/A 4

522521 0 BRAKE CABLE REAR 1,6N 1,2L ASCONA/A 1

1223700 3437917 SEAL REAR LAMP LEFT 397871/SWF ASCONA/A '69-'74 1

1223703 3437918 SEAL REAR LAMP RIGHT 397872/SWF ASCONA/A '69-'74 1

1320054 0 GRILLE RADIATOR (RERL.1320069) ASCONA/A '69-'74 1

1612258 0 LAMP ASSY.REAR LEFT 300637/SWF (REPL 1612322) ASCONA/A '69-'74 2

1223702 3437929 SEAL REAR LAMP LEFT & RIGHT ASCONA/A '69-'74 REKORD/D '73-'77 1




1704736 REPRO MIRROR ASSY R SPORT GTE -200-400 (REPL 1704737) ASCONA/A-B-MANTA/A-B GT/E 200-400 17

1704737 REPRO MIRROR ASSY L SPORT GTE -200-400 (REPL 1704737) ASCONA/A-B-MANTA/A-B GT/E 200-400 17





1272546 3438476 WIPER ARM LEFT & RIGHT 102414/SWF ASCONA/A-MANTA/A '69-'74 1

1606268 90005327 ENGINE GASKETS SET (REPL 1606250) ASCONA/A-MANTA/A '69-'74 1

1606297 97719426 ENGINE GASKETS SET 16N ASCONA/A-MANTA/A '69-'74 1

1606298 97719427 ENGINE GASKETS SET 16S ASCONA/A-MANTA/A '69-'74 1




560805 3451568 PAD CLUTCH & BRAKE PEDAL ASCONA-MANTA/A/B '69-'88 1

848688 90076341 CABLE ASSY ACCELERATOR 1,2L (GM 90076341)(32/55 PIN) ASCONA-MANTA/A-ASCONA-MANTA/B '69-'88 8

848688 420790 CABLE ASSY ACCELERATOR 1,2L (GEMO 420790)(32/55 PIN) ASCONA-MANTA/A-ASCONA-MANTA/B '69-'88 32


1336788 90094463 HOSE RADIATOR UPPER 1,2L (LOWER 1336872) ASCONA-MANTA/A-ASCONA-MANTA/B '69-'88 1


410225 8967305 HOUSING DIFF.RING FOR 33:9-35:9-38:9-37:10 ASCONA-MANTA/A-B REKORD/D-E 2

1340071 8960512 FAN BLADE 1.6L 2.0L ASCONA-MANTA/A-B-KADETT/C 1

1605216 3469270 BRAKE CALIPER SET 48MM (REP 1605162) 11.0101-4825 ASCONA-MANTA/A-B-ΚADETT/C-REKORD/D-E 2





1270029 22084017 WINDSHIELD WIPER MOTOR GT '68-'73 1

646908 8930040 GASKET OIL PUMP 16-17-19-20 N/S/E-20D (REPL 648408) GT- REKORD/C/D/E-ASCONA-MANTA/ALL-KADETT/C 1



1604076 6675836 REAR JOINT SHAFT AXLE DRIVE U 701 10-12 GT-KADETT/A-B-C-OLYMPIA A 1,1-1,2L 1963-1979-ASCONA/MANTA/A-B 2



1608013 0 CARB.REP. SET FOR 816013 (RP-826-064-826-052) (REPL 1608035) GT-REKORD/A-B-C 6

1608023 0 CARBURATOR REPAIR SET(REPL 1608035) (R826052/064) GT-REKORD/A-B-C 5



I have been asked by Daniel C some awkward questions about the different types of headlamps fitted to the Opel Manta A series and to be honest I didn't want the hassle of writing a full explanation. But hopefully by writing this out once, I can simply point people to it in future. My experience is solely based on the models of Opel Manta A series available here in the UK. Bear in mind that Opel may have done things differently for models sold in Europe, the USA, or even South Africa for that matter.


One constant is that the outer headlamps (nearest to the kerb) are used for the side lights and dipped beam mode and the inner headlamps (nearest to the Blitz badge) work exclusively for high beam mode. When in high beam mode the dipped beam lamps and side lights remain lit too.
The outer headlamps (dipped beam) have versions to suit either left or right hand drive. As far as I am aware, the inner headlamps are universal and there is no difference between left or right hand drive specifications.

In Praise of 5 ¾" Headlamps

A lot of cars from the 1960s right through to the 1990s used these simple 5 ¾" style headlights. In my opinion they gave a very accurate beam pattern and sufficient illumination for the performance of the vehicles they were fitted to and relative to the speeds they can be expected to attain. In some respects they are much better than modern units, which are much more expensive, difficult to adjust and have issues such a polycarbonate becoming fogged and scratched.

Image of 2 of 5 ¾" headlights on a blue background
5 ¾" headlights - accurate beam pattern and sufficient illumination

However the internal reflectors are prone to rusting, this process is accelerated if you don't use the correct rubber sealing caps and clips as per the original specification. Don't worry I still have a few left.

I have seen two different types of headlamp fitted to the Opel Manta A series and they are easily recognisable by the type of lamp fitted to the reflector unit and the electrical connectors installed in the wiring loom.

H4 type - Deluxe variant

The most basic models, branded as deluxe and often fitted with the 1.6s engine, were fitted with the H4 style of lamp, usually a Halogen unit, but occasionally on some early vehicles a Tungsden unit. There is interchangeability between the two, they fit the same size apperture and use the same multipin electrical connector. The Tungsden lamp is lower powered and casts a more yellow coloured light, so for this reason many will upgrade to the Halogen lamp for better night vision.

Original Equipment H4 lamp units - last 1 left in stock

The H4 is a twin filament lamp, designed so that a single lamp unit can provide both dipped and high beam in a single reflector. In theory with a bit of rewiring you could create an Opel Manta A series with a 2 lamp front grill, although that would be plain wrong.

H1 type - SR, Rallye and Berlinetta variants

These were sold to be the top of the range variants and were fitted with what was considered to be the best components. The H1 lamp unit is quite small physically and produces a very accurate beam pattern on the dipped setting, otherwise I don't believe there is that much difference.

The elctrical connections are descrete, i.e. there is a lead for the main lamp, sidelight lamp and earth/ground/chassis. The original lamps used a round slip ring connector for earthing which slid over an alloy post. It is quite a shabby bit of design, the ring works loose and you get an electrochemical reaction between the alloy post and copper slip ring.

Most replacement reflectors will come with a copper spade connector, you will need to cut the slip ring off the wiring loom and crimp or solder on the matching receptacle. If you can beg, borrow or steal a decent crimping tool it will improve the reliability of the join immensely, the cheap kits sold at shows and boot fairs, etc. are simply not up to the job.

Cosmetic Changes

This is getting into the realms of the "anorak" and I don't know whether today's Opel Manta owners are so concerned about originalitiy or have the choice. The earlier cars (70-73) were fitted with headlamps that had quite pronounced curvature to the reflector glass, whereas the later cars (74-75) were fitted with a flat glass lens.

Converting from H4 to H1 types

The mounting bezels and trim rings are exactly the same between either type, so physically they are interchangeable units. The width of the elctrical terminals and the fact that they will either be loose or contained within a multi-pin plug differs one system from the other.
If you are a confident DIY auto electrician it is relatively straight forward to chop and change the end of the wiring loom to suit. Alternatively handy adapter blocks are available if you want to fit H1 reflectors to a wiring loom designed for H4 lamps. A little bit of fiddling around will still be required, but you preserve the original wiring loom. I have a few such adapter blocks left in stock.


Alternatives to Original Equipment - Sealed Beam Units

Sealed Beam units were popular with a lot of British cars from the 1960s onwards, these have the advantage that the lamp filament and reflector are a single item, made entirely of glass and vacuum sealed, hence they never rust out. Their disadvantage is that if the filament blows you have to replace the whole unit, although to be fair, even today they are still pretty cheap due to the huge volumes they were produced in. Some have the side lamp filament built in, others have a clear section on the reflector silvering where a lamp can be attached to shine through.
Consider from the following list of vehicles for potential compatibility: Ford Cortina Mk3, Hillman Hunter, Humber Scepter, Sunbeam Rapier, Sunbeam Stiletto, Triumph Dolomite, Triumph Vitesse, Vauxhall Magnum, Vauxhall Firenza. This is by no means an exhaustive list, there will be other candidates.

Image of a Lucas 5712 Sealed beam headlamp on a blue background
Lucas 5712 Sealed beam unit - will fit Opel Manta A series

Alternatives to Original Equipment - HID/Xenon/Projector Headlamps

I have no experience or data about the "modern" era of high intensity lighting, there is a highly informative article by Auto Evolution found here
If you have any information to add, please use the comments box below or use the contact form to send me details.

Always Blowing Headlamp Bulbs?

If you have to replace your headlamp bulbs frequently, use a voltage meter to check the voltage of your Opel's electrics with the engine running at around 1500 RPM. If the voltage reads higher than 13 volts it may be that the voltage regulator circuit in the alternator has failed. Not only will this cause lamps to fail, it will also "cook" the battery and lead to premature failure.

Earlier Opel Manta A series ('70-'72) used an external voltage regulator mounted on the inner wing within the engine compartment and connected to the alternator by a short multipin connector.
Later Opel Manta A series ('73-'75) had the voltage regulator mounted within the alternator and will require dis assembly to access it.

If originality isn't a concern, it should be a simple swap to uprgrade to the later style of alternator, which in my experience is slightly more reliable due to fewer electrical connections in an agressive environment.

Lastly, ensure that the engine block is correctly grounded to the chassis, the braided lead is prone to fraying and is sometimes left off after an engine rebuild.

Up for grabs is this reproduction of the sales brochure for the GT/E version of the Opel Manta A series. This was one of the last variants to leave the factory before production switched over to the Manta B series and is in many ways the pinnacle of the cars short lived production. With uprated suspension, brakes and transmission you could make the most of the extra performance that fuel injection offered.
It was never available in right hand drive for the UK market and I don't think it made it to America either. But many years ago I was offered one for something like £600 here in the UK; I was young had fewer mechanical skills than now and not much money so I turned it down, what a missed opportunity.

Opel Manta A series GT/E Sales Brochure Page 1
Sales Brochure - Opel Manta A series GT/E

Opel Manta A series GT/E Sales Brochure Page 2
Sales Brochure - Opel Manta A series GT/E

Opel Manta A series GT/E Sales Brochure Page 3
Sales Brochure - Opel Manta A series GT/E

Opel Manta A series GT/E Sales Brochure Page 4
Sales Brochure - Opel Manta A series GT/E

Opel Manta A series GT/E Sales Brochure Page 5
Sales Brochure - Opel Manta A series GT/E

Opel Manta A series GT/E Sales Brochure Page 6
Sales Brochure - Opel Manta A series GT/E

Opel Manta A series GT/E Sales Brochure Page 7
Sales Brochure - Opel Manta A series GT/E

Opel Manta A series GT/E Sales Brochure Page 8
Sales Brochure - Opel Manta A series GT/E

Priced at £12, which includes delivery to a UK address, with easy payment by PayPal.
Original sales brochures for classic GM vehicles are not exactly plentiful in the UK, stocks are very limited and I will not be replacing them, so don't hang about if this is what you need.

It caught my attention recently that one of these sales brochures for the ultra rare Broadspeed modified version of the Opel Manta A series is now listed on eBay for £48.
Consumed by avarice it occurred to me that I could sell my spare copy for £25 and be able to eat for another week.
So get one here for £25 sent to anywhere in the UK free, other locations plus postage.

Opel Manta Broadspeed Turbo Sales Brochure Page 1
Opel Manta - Broadspeed Turbo version

Opel Manta Broadspeed Turbo Sales Brochure Page 2
Opel Manta - Broadspeed Turbo version

Opel Manta Broadspeed Turbo Sales Brochure Page 3
Opel Manta - Broadspeed Turbo version

Opel Manta Broadspeed Turbo Sales Brochure Page 4
Opel Manta - Broadspeed Turbo version

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