Sold - Opel Manta A series Chrome Overriders - £35

This style of solid metal chrome plated overrider with thin rubber inserts was fitted to the earliest variants of the Opel Manta A series, approximately covering a period running from 1970 through to 1973. The front ones are, to the best of my knowledge, unique to the Opel Manta A series, the rear are shared between the Manta and Ascona A series models. They were fitted to all the UK variants whether they were; Deluxe, Rallye or Berlinetta specification, oddly in Europe they were only fitted to the more upmarket variants.

On offer is a full batch of salvaged overriders, plus amongst this batch, is one brand new old stock front overrider, read on to find out more about this item. This could be a handy stash, with some items you can use now and other bits to strip for parts and keep or sell on to recoup costs.

For sale - a full batch of salvaged Opel Manta overriders

There are no fewer than four used front overriders and three used rear overriders; you can use these to salvage their rubber inserts, which are not included with the new part. Of course there is nothing to stop you getting these parts blasted and re-chromed, which given the scarcity of these items may be a life saver for someone's project.

The part that everyone will want, is a single completely brand new old stock front overrider, as you would expect, the chrome looks exactly as it did the day it left the factory four decades ago.

For sale - new old stock Manta chrome overrider, absolutely mint

They are priced at £35 for the set with easy payment by PayPal, cash on collection will be fine too, the price includes delivery to the UK, other areas subject to an increased charge. I am located in South London should you want to inspect before collection.

Obsolete GM spares are not exactly plentiful in the UK, stocks are limited and I will not be replacing them, so don't hang about if this is what you need.

Send a message or leave a comment if you have any enquiries.


25/07/14 - Parts now reserved pending payment
19/08/14 - No sign of payment yet, so I have added a PayPal button, the first to click wins
20/08/14 - Now sold

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