Opel Manta GT/e engine for an Opel GT project

Justin Manville has been trying to sort out a replacement engine for one of his two! Opel GTs. Here in the UK, Opel GTs are like the proverbial rocking horse manure or hen's teeth.
It seems that at some point in the past one of these Opel GTs had the running gear from an Opel Manta B series GT/e installed. That engine has now gone long past its best and he wanted a replacement.

Sitting in my garage I had a rebuilt 2 litre lump looking for a new home and a deal was struck. There just remained the thorny problem of sending the item the 200 or so miles further North to the Stoke area of England. Interparcel, the courier service I use have a pallet delivery service, so it was time to build up a pallet suitable for carrying the engine. I managed to borrow a hoist and found it was easiest to hang the engine off straps and build up the wood to match the engine mounts.

Opel Manta GT/e engine - quite a lump

I was then able to lift the combined assembly higher on to a dolly for rolling around, lastly I could shrink wrap the entire unit to protect it whilst in transit.

Engine shrink wrapped

Needless to say, all this had to be done on what have been the hottest days of the year so far, time for a beer to cool off.

For the record, the cost of the delivery service was £50.90 for an economy option, plus VAT at £11.18 and some additional insurance cover above the standard £50 gave a total of £67.08. This allowed the transport of any item up to the following dimensions: Maximum height: 90cm   Maximum width: 100cm   Maximum length: 120cm. The maximum weight for each pallet is 450kg.
Realistically it takes a couple of hours to knock up a custom pallet and shrink wrap the result. Adding in time and materials, such as the wrap and sundry straps and coach screws, etc. I would have to charge £100 for the service in future just to cover my costs.

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