Sold - Delco Remy Opel Manta, Rekord or Ascona Distributor? - £30

According to my Haynes Workshop Manual the part numbers for the Opel Manta A series are as follows:

1.6 engine   No .... 217
1.9 and 1.6s engines No .... 221
1.9 engine (USA only):
Manual gearbox  No .... 216
Automatic Transmission  No 219

This particular distributor has the part number 237 5125 stamped into the casing, but looks identical to the model used in the Opel Manta A series, possibly the ignition advance curve is different. Either way if you fancy a "punt" it is for sale for £45 to clear

Delco Remy Distributor - part number 237 5125

Delco Remy Distributor - shiny new cad plating

Delco Remy Distributor - any good for your Opel?


30/06/13 - Now sold

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