Sold - Morris Minor Workshop Manual AKD530E - £20

Another departure from the usual run of GM Opel and Vauxhall stock. This is the factory workshop manual for the Series MM, Series II and Minor 1000.

For sale - Morris Minor Workshop Manual AKD530E - £20

It is in fair condition, I have cleaned the cover but it is still a little grubby, there are oily marks on the edge of pages.

For sale - Morris Minor Workshop Manual, in fair condition

The rivets that secured the ring binder had separated from the cover, I have re-attached it with a couple of sturdy stainless steel button cap screws.

For sale - Morris Minor Workshop Manual, rivets replaced with stainless screws

The asking price is £20, the price includes UK delivery (Highlands and Islands excepted).

Obsolete Morris Minor spares are becoming more scarce in the UK, this is very much a one off item, so don't hang about if this Morris Minor factory workshop manual is what you need to maintain your classic Morris Minor.

Send a message or leave a comment if you have any enquiries.


22/05/20 - Now sold

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