Sold - Opel Manta A SR Gauge Pod - £15

When I bought my first Opel Manta A series in 1987 it had exactly the same design of gauge pod installed above the transmission tunnel. At first I thought it was something that some "Kev the rev" enthusiast had installed over a weekend; later I discovered that they were only fitted to all the "sporty" models in the range branded as Rallye or SR models. Even the top of the range Berlinetta model didn't get these gauges.
Furthermore, in the UK, this particular style of pod was only installed in the early models and is  identified by the white lettering on the instruments; later cars received red paint and had a more angled pod which admittedly was much easier to read from the driving seat.

For sale - Opel Manta SR/Rallye gauges

This particular pod is not in the best of condition, close inspection of the mounting points will reveal that it has a section missing, I don't know whether this is repairable.

SR/Rallye gauges - not in the best condition

The ammeter and oil pressure gauges are present, I wasn't able to test the oil pressure gauge, but I tested the ammeter and it works OK. There was no clock present with this set of gauges, but I can supply a very nice Kienzle brand clock from the same era and it will probably be far more reliable than the original electro-mechanical one which were never up to much.

Kienzle period clock - more accurate than the Opel electro-mechanical design

Please check all of the images closely to make sure these parts are precisely what you want, as what is shown will be precisely what you receive. Given that these parts are not in the best of shape they are priced at £15 to clear, the price includes delivery within the UK.
I can send to some European locations too, but please ask for a quote first as this could be quite a high sum.

Manta SR/Rallye gauges - priced low to sell

Obsolete GM spares are not exactly plentiful in the UK, stocks are limited and I will not be replacing them, so don't hang about if this is what you need for your car.

Send a message or leave a comment if you have any enquiries.


18/10/15 - Now sold.

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