On offer is a single near side / left hand side chrome style door mirror, suitable as replacement for the door mirrors used on the Opel Manta A series, Opel Ascona A series, some Opel Rekord C series, Opel Commodore A series and possibly even the Opel GT and Opel Kadett B series. It is Opel branded and constructed from alloy with a glossy hard chrome finish, it has the following part number on the base - 8968355.

For Sale - Opel Manta round mirror nearly new condition

This mirror is so clean I thought it was new old stock at first, but on close inspection I realised it was used but in exceptionally good condition. The mirror glass is very good and the only flaws on the body I can find are; a cluster of tiny blisters on the base and a stone ding on the head section.

Given the rarity and desirability of this all too hard to find part I have priced it at £25.00 which includes delivery costs within the UK.

For Sale - mirrored surface is near perfect

Only the left hand or passenger side (UK) is available, please don't ask about a matched pair in this condition, I can't help you, although you might find them listed on eBay for around £100 a pair. However, if you need a passenger side door mirror for the Opel Manta A series or any of the other vehicles listed above, this is the part to buy, for a knock-out price.

For Sale - a genuine Opel item

This will be the driver's side item on European left hand drive vehicles and it may prove to be more popular with European buyers and I can send to some European / North American locations, but please ask for a quote first. 


12/12/14 - Now sold

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