Sold - Rostyle Wheels for Opel Manta A series - £10 each

The Opel Manta A series SR and Berlinetta models were fitted with these 13" x 5.5j wheels. Unlike later models these wheels had just 4 slots. In the American market narrower 5j wheels were fitted, possibly to accommodate the local penchant for cross-ply tyres.

This is the last set of four I have they probably don't look too good, but I have seen similar wheels come up a treat after a professional blasting and powder coat; (I had mine finished in silk black, then masked off and sprayed the silver highlights myself. This gave as near an original finish as possible and they have lasted over 10 years outside without degradation).
The cost would be just £10 per wheel, sadly all the really nice ones sold out back in August.

There is a company advertising wheel delivery on eBay for delivery at £30 see here If you know of any better delivery deals let me know!

Here's the story of the Rostyle wheel, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Rostyle wheels are a notable design of wheels for cars made by the British firm of Rubery Owen, a diversified industrial company which made many car parts. The wheels had an unusual pressed steel form to imitate the few ribs of mag wheels at the time, but were painted black (or perhaps body color) and aluminium. They were designed to do without hubcaps or wheel covers, and were especially popular during the 1960s and 70s.

The firms MG and Rover, amongst other British sporty cars in the 1960s often specified these wheels as original equipment instead of ones made of light alloy (aluminium or magnesium) or wire wheels. Rostyle also made chromium plated wheels for Jensen, Rover and, famously, the Ford Cortina 1600E, originally designed for Ford Chairman Len Crossland's wife. Painted Rostyle wheels were also the only wheel option on the Range Rover for many years following its introduction. These 16-inch Rostyles where used on the Range Rover until 1986 when they were replaced by alloy wheels. The Rostyles then became optional fitment to the short wheelbase Land Rover (the wheels were not strong enough for use on the long wheelbase models). The Land Rover maintained its optional Rostyle wheels until 1995, becoming the last vehicle to offer them from new.

They were made in Britain, as well as under license in Germany and Argentina. The Rostyle wheels had a metal label in the center with the emblem of the car company on it. Today, special masks must be made to paint the wheels of restored cars to resemble the original.
Max Sinclair, the sales manager for Rubery Owen in the 1960 to 1980 period has stated that "We changed the face of motoring, and Mag wheels followed us as their reliability improved."

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