For Sale - Opel Kadett Factory Parts Book & More

It's great to meet up with readers of the Classic Opel Spares Blog; Dejan from Stockholm in Sweden was on a trip to London and had time to collect a few odds and ends he had spotted. He was mainly interested in a Factory Parts Book for the Opel Kadett C series that had been on offer for a while.
He also asked if I could let him see any miscellaneous or unidentified parts, so I made a "supermarket sweep" of my loft for a selection of unidentified parts that have been hanging around for years.

Image of 2 Opel Ascona A over riders on a grey background
Opel Ascona A over riders - part of a selection of unidentified parts

 When we met at my local train station with an oversized suitcase, I knew he meant business and wasn't another time waster.
We struck an equitable deal during coffee on the patio and enjoyed one of the finest sunny afternoons of the year so far. It was fascinating to hear about the classic car movement in Sweden, some of which were contrary to my expectations. These are:
  • Classic cars qualify for very low rates of road tax - only around £30 per year
  • The frozen Northern areas of the country are relatively dry and roads are not salted during the long winter months. This is the place to find a well preserved classic, but make sure you rust proof it before using it elsewhere!
  • The Swedes love big engined muscle cars
  • There are reputed to be more 57 Chevy's now in Sweden than in the USA
There is a good feature on the Swedish "Raggare" car subculture here who are a sort of Swedish version of Rockabilies.

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