Why has The Classic Opel Spares Blog been quiet for so long?

If you have noticed the lack of new blog posts in recent months and wondered why I have been keeping quiet for so long, let me tell you why.
My winter time passion is skibiking, this is riding a mountain bike that rides on skis instead of wheels. It is a downhill only device which combines the thrill of skiing with the ease of riding a bike. This year I took a couple of months away from work to explore new places to skibike and network with the movers and shakers of the skibiking community, my adventures are covered in The SkiBiker Skibike Blog.

I also moved from winter into summer by crossing South of the equator for a two week visit to the small South American country of Uruguay where I saw many old classic Opels. They were still in use as daily transport for many Uruguayans, you can read the full story here.

With so many trips abroad, it was impossible to send out parcels normally and posting took place on a few designated post days, whilst briefly back in London between trips. My thanks and best wishes go to those customers who waited so patiently for me to serve their needs.

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