Sold - Opel Manta A series ignition switch wiring - £15

Far too often I have been asked for the wiring for the ignition switch on the Opel Manta A series, usually this is the result of miscreants trying to steal a nice example of the Opel Manta A series and today was no exception.
I really thought that I had run out of stock, but I managed to find one final item example to offer.

For sale - Opel Manta A series ignition wiring

It looks as if it has had a modification, but nothing that can't be put back to standard with a couple of minutes work with the soldering gun.

For sale - Opel Manta A series ignition wiring, modified?


13/03/20 - Sold


  1. I know this listing is 5 years old but do you still have this Thanks
    Fernley tire & brake LLC

  2. It sold a long time ago, I will update the listing


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