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For the last few weeks I've spent most evenings huddled over the laptop making changes to the way that all my sites are run and spent way too much time pouring over CSS/Java templates and searching Google for fixes to various annoyances. A lot of these upgrades have occurred "under the hood" i.e. out of sight, but they should help to improve both the sites visibility and stability, of which there have been issues in recent months.

Obviously I have changed the look from the old "8 bit" green on black theme to a style roughly similar to the Opel Sport colours of the 1970s. The observant will notice that the Classic Opel Spares blog and have been combined, running two very similar websites was making a lot of unnecessary work for me. Best of all the new systems will enable me to make updates and add images, etc. very quickly, even from a mobile phone (allegedly). So I hope this will mean more free time to produce content and less time sorting the virtual nuts and bolts of things.

Furthermore the email system has also faced some radical changes behind the scenes, during the changeover process, inevitably, there were periods when you may have experienced "bounce backs" or your messages may simply have been lost into the ether.

The good news is that the new system appears to have rock solid reliability, if you sent a message and haven't had a reply, send a reminder and I will get straight back to you.

CSS - ouch my head hurts

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